Night of the Living Trekkies
Journey to the Final Frontier of Sc-fi Zombie Horror!
Night of the ZomBEEs
A Zombie Novel with real BUZZ!
Jim Pike was the world’s biggest Star Trek fan—until two tours of duty in Afghanistan destroyed his faith in the human race. Now he sleepwalks through life as the assistant manager of a small hotel in downtown Houston. But when hundreds of Trekkies arrive in his lobby for a science-fiction convention, Jim finds himself surrounded by costumed Klingons, Vulcans, and Ferengi—plus a strange virus that transforms its carriers into savage, flesh-eating zombies!As bloody corpses stumble to life and the planet teeters on the brink of total apocalypse, Jim must deliver a ragtag crew of fanboys and fangirls to safety. Dressed in homemade uniforms and armed with prop phasers, their prime directive is to survive. But how long can they last in the ultimate no-win scenario?

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It’s Founders Day in Honeywell Springs, a day residents dress up in black-and-yellow costumes to celebrate the insect that gave the town its prosperity, the Honey Bee. But when a mad scientist releases a contagious swarm of mutant bees, it turns the townsfolk of Honeywell Springs into the walking dead, in bee costumes. It’s thirteen-year-old Shaun Ripley’s worst nightmare. Plagued with apiphobia, asthma, and panic attacks, Shaun must draw on his knowledge of his hero, James Bond, to stay alive. With his best friend, Toby, a fellow 007 enthusiast, and Sam, a bullying tomboy, Shaun must overcome his bee phobia and find a way to escape Honeywell Springs. Terrified, surrounded, and running out of time, the three must work together if they are to survive the Night of the ZomBEEs! Middle grade comedy horror (for ages 12 and up)

Night of the Living Trekkies is available in trade paperback, (English, Spanish, and German) Hardback, eBook, and audiobook.
The Geektastic Joke Book 4 Kids
An Unofficial Collection of Pop Culture Funniness

These are the jokes you’re looking for! The Geektastic Joke Book 4 Kids is a collection of geeky jokes from Star Wars, Disney, Superheroes, Minecraft, Monsters, the world of Harry Potter, Video Games, Dinosaurs, Doctor Who, Star Trek, The Hunger Games and so much more! From the pop culture minds of authors Giggles A. Lott and Nee Slapper this nerdy joke fest is full of humorous illustrations and cartoons perfect for kids (Ages 8-12 plus) that love to laugh and share jokes with friends.

Single Story e-books available on Amazon
Dawn of the Debt (2018)

Scarecrows and Devils (2016)
Scarecrows and Devils: Digital Horror Fiction Short Story (DigitalFictionPub.com Horror Fiction Short Stories) Kindle Edition
Dawn of the Debt imagines a world in which death does not release you from your debt. This e-book includes two bonus stories, the flash fiction piece Twitching and the short story The Interview. All three tales offer a twist on the zombie genre.
Download the PDF version FREE
Scarecrows and Devils is about the war without end, the one between good and evil. But who is on which side? Who are teh Scarecrows and who are the Devils?

 Kevin David Anderson has had dozens of stories published on award winning podcasts. To see a complete list of all Kevin's stories published in a variety of audio formats and available for FREE click on over to the FREE AUDIO page. To see all the stories available by Kevin on a particular podcast, just click on the podcast icon below.

Kevin's stories have appeared in more than thirty anthologies sharing pages with Jack Ketchum, Ramsey Campbell, Poppy Z. Bright, Peter Straub, Steve Rasnic Tem, Dennis Etchison, Jeff Strand, Jonathan Maberry, Monica O'Rourke and many more. This list only contains anthologies from the last few years. A complete list is coming soon.
California Screamin' (2017)
Includes Kevin's story The Mount of Death
Edited by Danielle Kaheaku, with an Introduction by Jonathan Maberry, foreword poem by Lori Lopez, and stories by; E.S. Magill, Aaron Smith, Chad Stroup, Billy San Juan, R.W. Goldsmith, Brian Asman, James Jensen, KC Grifant, Kevin Wetmore, Alexandra Neumeister, Nickolas Furr, Jean Graham, and Sarah Read

The Beauty of Death (2016)
Includes Kevin's story Contractions
The Beauty of Death Anthology, edited by Bram Stoker Award® Winning Author Alessandro Manzetti. Stories by: Peter Straub, Ramsey Campbell, Edward Lee, John Skipp, Poppy Z. Brite, Nick Mamatas, Shane McKenzie, Lisa Morton, Gene O'Neill, Linda Addison, Maria Alexander, Monica O'Rourke, John Palisano, Rena Mason, Kevin Lucia, Daniel Braum, Colleen Anderson, and many more.
Night Terrors III: Horror Anthology
Night Terrors III (2014)
Includes Kevin's story Home Care
(2014) NIGHT TERRORS III awaits you. Stories from:Jack Ketchum, Steve Rasnic Tem, Dennis Etchison, Paul Tremblay, Taylor Grant, Eric J. Guignard, Aric Sundquist, Jennifer Brozek, John McNee, Simon McCaffery, Patty Templeton, Matt Moore - Raymond Little, Dean H. Wild, Jay Caselberg. Simon McCaffery, Rachel Nussbaum, Peter Charron, Richard Farren Barber, Gerry Huntman, Kyle S. Johnson, Jessica Lilien

Dark Moon Digest - YA Edition
Includes Kevin's story Mounting Fairies for Display (2013)
This special issue brings us stories from Joe McKinney (Among Men), Nancy Holder (Are the Stars Out Tonight?), C. W. LaSart (Creepy Town), James S. Dorr (Cyclops), Dawn Napier (Deadly Thin Ice), John Peel (Franklinstein), JG Faherty (Lonely Is The Mothman), Kevin David Anderson (Mounting Fairies for Display), Jonathan Maberry (Overdue Books), Kimberly Yerina (Rotten Inside), Jeff Szpirglas (Scratch), Sarah Ahiers (Smothered), Max Booth III (Super), Stacey Turner (The Nightmare Project) and P. B. Kane (The Rainbow Coat).


Darkness Rising 2005
Includes Kevin's story The Puzzle
Edited by L.H. Maynard and M.P.N. Sims, Darkness Rising 2005 represents possibly the strongest contribution in this long-running anthology series.  Within are stories of sex, of religion, of mystery and terror, all coated with a sheen of supernatural fear that lingers long after the first reading of Darkness Rising.

Deathgrip: Exit Laughing (2006)
Includes Kevin's story Green Eyes and Chili Dogs  Stories that cross genre-lines, astonish, titillate, and elicit a guilty snicker. If you've ever giggled at a funeral, laughed aloud during a solemn prayer service, or cracked up at any madly inappropriate moment, Exit Laughing is the anthology for you! Bizarrely side-splitting tales by some of today's most twisted authors!

 Murky Depths 16 (2011)
Includes Kevin's story Liberation

Kizuna (2011)
Charrity anthology
included Kevin's story The X-Ray

Backyard Horror

includes Kevin's holiday story,
The Fall of the Feast

Thou Shalt Not

Includes Kevin's story Between Sisters


Includes Kevin's story
Green Eyes and Chili Dogs


Includes Kevin's story A Thoughtful Gift
Dark Bits (QuickLII Book 1) by [Ford, Robert, Lucia, Kevin, Degeit, Mandy, Shipp, Jeremy, Meikle, William, Braun, G.N., Booth III, Max, Chantal Noordeloos]
Dark Bits

Includes Kevin's story The Delivery
Alluring Dread: Digital Horror Fiction Anthology (Digital Horror Fiction Short Stories Series One Book 2) by [Fiction, Digital, Frost, Julie, Goldman, Ken, McNulty, Brandon, Seate, Jay, Memblatt, Bruce, Antczak, Stephen L., Barr, Jeff, Anderson, Kevin David, Caselberg, Jay]
Alluring Dread: Digital Horror Fiction Anthology
Includes Kevin's story Scarecrows and Devils
Coming Together: Arm in Arm in Arm... by [Sarai, Lisabet, Roberts, Teresa Noelle, Leong, Annabeth, Sanchez-Garcia, C.]
Coming Together

Includes Kevin's story The Male of the Species

Revelation: Volume II Anthology
, (2005) Fourth Horseman Publishing included Kevin's story  Enlightenment
No longer available

Conviction: Anthology of the Con - #1  Featuring Kevin's short story Damaged, Beaten, Bloody (2013)

Tales From the Asylum: Anthology of Fiction and Poetry, Year One  
includes Kevin's story Scarecrow (2004)

Chimeraworld #1

Features Kevin's story Web (2003)
No longer available

Monsters INK

Features the Kevin's story Pods (2005)
No longer available

Halloween 3.0

Included Kevin's story Pumpkinseeds (2004)

Cold Glass Pain

Features Kevin's story The Calling
(2005) No longer available

Tales From the Asylum: Anthology of Fiction and Poetry, Year Three
Featured Kevin's story The Interview



Includes Kevin's story The Calling (2005)
No longer available

Trip the Light Horrific

Edited by Nancy Jackson and featuresKevin's story Third Shift (2005)
No longer available


Featured Kevin's story 3571 (2003)
No longer available

Wondrouse Web Worlds 5

Featured Kevin's story The Calling (2005)
No longer available

Dark Animus 10/11

Published in Austrialia, included Kevin's story
Scarecrows and Devils
No longer acaliable

After the Orange
from B Cubed Press includes Kevin's story, Dawn of the Debt (2018)

Top International Horror 2003
includes Kevin's contest winning story, Third Shift.
This anthology (2004) from RainFall Books in the UK is no longer available.

The Black Spiral

The first anthology to feature one of Kevin's stories. Included Kevin's story The Picnic

Terror Tales #3

Features Kevin's story Bus Driver (2006)

Mindscape Unimagined (2018) features Kevin's new story, Toualetehydrophobia about a little boy with a mundane fear that becomes the source of real terror.

Unnerving Magazine #4 Oct (2017) 
Features Kevin's Halloween flash fiction story Babysitting for Writers
"Babysitting for Writers
by Kevin David Anderson was a really fun tale about an overworked babysitter who's boss has some unusual extra-curricular hobbies."  - goodreads review, S.J. Budd   


Something Wicked Magazine Aug (2007)
Kevin's story Liberation was the first American story to be published in this South African Magazine.
Something Wicked Issue 4 Cover by Jessica Marisa
Insidious Reflection Fall (2005)
Kevin's short story 3571 was featured in this short lived pulpy magazine.
Dark Wisdom Magazine #10 Fall (2009)
edited by William Jones and features Kevin's short story, The Box.

Surreal Magazine #1 (2005)
This short lived magazine featured Kevin's story Reflection and a contribution from Monica O'Rourke
Read a review from Tangent

Aberrant Dreams #5 (2005)
This fantasy magazine featured Kevin's story, The Halloween Man
Read a review on Tangent  

Withersin Magazine (2008)
Featured Kevin's story Liberation

Revelation (2004) Vol. 2 Issue
Apocoliptic Art and Literature
Featured Kevin's story Elightenment

FarThing July 2005 Issue 1
Featured Kevin's story
A Bump in the Road

Not One of Us #31 (2003)
Featured Kevin's story Ink Spot

Thirteen Stories Feb. (2003)
Issue #6
Featured Kevin's story 1753

Thirteen Stories April (2003)
Issue #8
Featured Kevin's story Pods

Fusing Horizons Autumn (2004)
Issue 4
Featured Kevin's story Picnic

Black Satellite Fall (2004)
Issue 6
Featured Kevin's story The Bet

The Writers Post Journal
March (2004)
Featured Kevin's story Reflection

The Writers Post Journal
March (2004)
Featured Kevin's story Game

Cyber Pulp Mag
Summer (2004)
Features Kevin's story Gridlock

Cyber Pulp Mag
Fall (2004)
Featured Kevin's story Trial
Season of the Witch
Jan (2005)
Featured Kevin's story Ink Spot

Season of the Witch
Oct (2005)
Featured Kevin's story Third Shift

The City Morgue
June (2004)
Featured Kevin's story Third Shift

Alien Skin   Oct / Nov 2008

The Written Word #10 April 2008
Blood, Gridlock and PEZ              

Peccary Magazine #2  Nov 2006
Death Loves a Coward    

From The Asylum, Dec 2005
F.T.A. Press- The Interview

Alien Skin  Sept 2006
The Calling

Deathbus Summer 2005
Third Shift and Twilight Man

Deathbus  Nov 2005

Aoife's Kiss  Dec 2004
Sams dot Publishing- The Calling

Revelations SF  Sept 2004

From The Asylum June 2004
F.T.A. Press- Scarecrow                                   

Naked Snake Online  Aug 2004
Ink Spot                                       

31 EYES Issue 1 Vol. 1 Aug 2004
Bus Driver and Reflection

Deathbus  Sept 2004
Bus Driver

The Murder Hole Feb 2004

Lone Star Stories Feb 2004
Ink Spot  Still available -  READ
The Year's Best Horror and Fantasy # 18 Honorable Mention for Ink Spot published in Lone Star Stories

Rogue Worlds #9  Jan 2005

Nocturnal Ooze Jan 2004

Dark at 8  Nov 2003

Twilight Times May 2003
The Calling 

Champagne Shivers  Aug 2003

Writer Online  Feb 2003
The Calling

The Harrow  Jan 2003