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TEMECULA: How an Inland author's zombie books wound up used in a college course
From the Press Enterprise By AMY ZAHN

Temecula’s very own zombie author, Kevin David Anderson, will be seeing his work’s impact carried all the way to Pennsylvania, where two of his books will be required reading for a course at Mansfield University this fall. “Night of the Living Trekkies” and “Night of the ZomBEES,” Anderson’s two novels, will be assigned in English professor and longtime zombie enthusiast Dan Mason’s first-year seminar, a class  READ MORE

Night of the ZomBEEs
Kindle edition FREE on Amazon
Feb 27th-March 1st

It’s Founders Day in Honeywell Springs, a day residents dress up in black-and-yellow costumes to celebrate the insect that gave the town its prosperity, the Honey Bee. But when a mad scientist releases a contagious swarm of mutant bees, it turns the townsfolk of Honeywell Springs into the walking dead, in bee costumes.

It’s thirteen-year-old Shaun Ripley’s worst nightmare. Plagued with apiphobia, asthma, and panic attacks, Shaun must draw on his knowledge of his hero, James Bond, to stay alive. With his best friend, Toby, a fellow 007 enthusiast, and Sam, a bullying tomboy, Shaun must overcome his bee phobia and find a way to escape Honeywell Springs. Terrified, surrounded, and running out of time, the three must work together if they are to survive the Night of the ZomBEEs!
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Kevin's stories The Box Born Wraith, and Green Eyes and Chili Dogs got some new fans this past month thanks to voice talent and artist Jason Hill. Jason has produced two of Kevin's stories so far, and one was accepted to be included in Chilling Tales' The Simply Scary Podcast

Listen to The Box Born Wraith on YouTube

Listen to Green Eyes and Chili Dogs on YouTube

Kevin had the pleasure of speaking with the new podcast, Pop Cultist, created and hosted by writer, reviewer, and zombie aficionado Tony Schaab. The show is co-hosted by Tony’s accomplice in all things nerdy, his wife Emily Schaab. They talked about everything from Kevin's new novel, Night of the ZomBEEs, how to make a mixed geeky marriage work, and the new Night of the Living Trekkies movie-like venture, currently in pre-production.

Click here to listen:
Pop Cultist Episode 12 - Kevin David Anderson

Night of the Living Trekkies

Jim Pike was the world’s biggest Star Trek fan—until two tours of duty in Afghanistan destroyed his faith in the human race. Now he sleepwalks through life as the assistant manager of a small hotel in downtown Houston. But when hundreds of Trekkies arrive in his lobby for a Star Trek convention, Jim finds himself surrounded by Klingons, Vulcans, and Ferengi—plus a virus...  READ MORE

“If your definition of good summer holiday reading is like mine, and you’re a fan of zombies, Star Trek, Star Wars or all three, then you’ll undoubtedly get a kick out of Night of the Living Trekkies."
—David Moody, author of Autumn

"The fusion of campy zombie-powered storyline, abundant Star Trek trivia, and hilarious one-liners makes this an utterly unforgettable read that will be cherished by Trekkies, Trekkers, and horror fans alike."
- Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

About Kevin David Anderson - Born in Indiana, he now lives and writes speculative fiction in Southern California. His fiction has appeared in the pages of Dark Animus, Dark Wisdom, Darkness Rising, and a bunch of other publications with the word dark in the title.  (for a complete list go to: Bibliography)   Anderson earned a B. A. in Mass Communication (TCOM) with a focus on Media Production from CSUF  As a marketing professional for a dozen years, he managed award winning campaigns for TV and radio. 

Podcasts - Many of Anderson's stories are available in audio form produced by
Parsec Award winning podcasts like: The Drabblecast, The Dunesteef, and

Drabblecast 23 – Momentum
Genre: Horror

Even after it really hit the fan out there, Dwight never ventured far from the carnival grounds. His fellow carneys had all left in search of family members to be with. But Dwight’s family was still here…


Drabblecast 87 - The Box Born Wraith
Genre: Horror

As this year’s Halloween treat, Norm selects a truly terrifying story from frequently heard contributor Kevin David Anderson.  In “The Box Born Wraith,” an unexpected encounter between a condemned mobster and a tribe of hungry ghouls changes both the captive and the captors.


Drabblecast 59 - The Interview
Genre: Horror

“Your son appears to be quite exceptional, Mrs. Warren,” Dr. Ethridge said, looking up through wire-framed glasses from the test results on his desk. “He has the gift.”


Pseudopod 36 - Liberation
Genre: Body Horror

"To most people it was just an ordinary Thursday, but to Caroline, today was the day she decided to rid herself of the spiders living in her brain. Even though they pulled only a single spider from that woman in Brazil, there had to be more than one in her brain, living just under the skullcap like lizards burrowed beneath the floorboards."


The Dunesteef 15 - Framing and Mounting Fairies
Genre: Dark Fantasy / Humor

In this lovely little how-to article, Dr. Morgan Z. Vile, instructs our curious readers in the delicate and fanciful art of mounting and framing woodland fairies for display in the home. This is a must read article for any hunter of the fey folk.


For a complete list see Kevin's Bibliography










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