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The popular No Sleep Podcast has released their version on Kevin's story Blood, Gridlock, and PEZ. The story is produced by: Jesse Cornett and includes the voice talents of Atticus Jackson, Nichole Goodnight, Dan Zappulla, Jesse Cornett, and  Kyle Akers. The episode also has an interview with Elijah Wood. The story is on the subscriber side of the episode so you must be a NoSleep Podcast member to listen, or pay $2 for the episode.
Episode link: Season 13 episode 1

Kevin and Drabblecast host Norm Sherman discuss the horror genre, the origins of Cryptkeeper Norm, and the hit story The Box-Born Wraith featured as Drabblecast episode 87 back in 2008 and published as our second official Halloween Special. Click here to listen to this special Director's Cut episode of The Drabblecast

Dawn ofthe Debt

Kevin's short story Dawn of the Debt is now available on Amazon with two bonus stories,the flash fiction piece Twitching, and the short story The Interview. All three stories offer a twist on the zombie genre and are only 99 
  Download the PDF version FREE


The Geektastic Joke Book 4 Kids - a collection of geeky jokes from Star Wars, Superheroes, Minecraft, Monsters, Harry Potter, Video Games, Doctor Who, Star Trek and so much more! Humorous illustrations and cartoons perfect for kids (Ages 8-12 plus)
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Kevin's short comedy horror story The Fubar Ritual will be published in an upcoming issue of Dark Moon Digest. This is Kevin's second appearance in the publication. The Fubar Ritual should be available in July 2019

The Supernatural Adventures of Dale and Earl
from Grinning Skull Press

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Image by Jason Hill
The strange world of Dale and Earl will be expanded in MIDNIGHT MEN a new collection of stories inspired by the popular truck driving, darkness seeking, demon killing characters, Dale and Earl. The anthology which will include some of Dale and Earl most memorable adventures, including Green Eyes and Chili Dogs, will also feature the novella, Kandy with a K. MIDNIGHT MEN will be released in October 2019 from Grinning Skull Press

The Asylum Diaries
Kevin's story Liberation will appear in the Australian body horror, Lovcraftian magazine,The Asylum Diaries. The next issue of the Asylum Diaries should be available this fall.

Chilling Tales for Dark Nights Anthology

Kevin's story, The Room, will be in the new horror anthology from Chilling Tales for Dark Nights. The antho (which may be a short series of anthologies) is including stories inspired by the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark book series by Alvin Schwartz, with those haunting illustrations by Stephen Gammell.  

Podcasted Tales of Terror 

Kevin's short story collection NIGHT SOUNDS will be available in 2020. The collection will feature stories that have been released in audio on podcasts like The Drabblecast, The Dunsteef, Pseudopod and most recently on The Horror Hill Podcast. Night Sounds will have an introduction by voice talent and podcast producer Jason Hill, of the Horror Hill podcast currently running on the Simply Scary Podcast Network
CALIFORNIA SCREAMIN' edited by Danielle Kaheaku features Kevin's story, The Mount of Death, a horror comedy inspired by the Twilight Zone. California Screamin' features contributions from the San Diego chapter of the Horror Writers Association. 



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