From the creator and co-author of Night of the Living Trekkies,
Kevin David Anderson, comes a new original zombie novel with real BUZZ!

Night of the ZomBEEs is a fast paced middle grade/tween horror comedy perfect for new readers to the zombie genre,
but with enough pop culture references to engage any adult fan of the undead.

Itís Founders Day in Honeywell Springs, a day residents dress up in black-and-yellow costumes to celebrate the insect that gave the town its prosperity, the Honey Bee. But when a mad scientist releases a contagious swarm of mutant bees, it turns the townsfolk of Honeywell Springs into the walking dead, in bee costumes. Itís thirteen-year-old Shaun Ripleyís worst nightmare. Plagued with apiphobia, asthma, and panic attacks, Shaun must draw on his knowledge of his hero, James Bond, to stay alive. With his best friend, Toby, a fellow 007 enthusiast, and Sam, a bullying tomboy, Shaun must overcome his bee phobia and find a way to escape Honeywell Springs. Terrified, surrounded, and running out of time, the three must work together if they are to survive the Night of the ZomBEEs!

"Night of the ZomBEEs by Kevin David Anderson is one of the funniest zombie novels I have read in awhile. Anderson is no stranger to the satiric sci-fi/horror comedy having previously written Night of the Living Trekkies....Night of the ZomBEEs is an imaginative romp through both the zombie and mutated animal genres that succeeds on wit and imagination. Recommended for all zombie fans, adult and teens alike."  - Marvin P. Vernon, & the Novel Pursuit Blog  READ FULL REVIEW

"Night of the ZomBEEs is geared towards a younger reader but has lots of pop culture gems in it for adults, especially for the zombie lover...worth checking out especially if you have younger readers in your home and you want to introduce them to the zombie genre. It's descriptive enough to add suspense and the gore isn't over the top; just the right amount of gross!"  - Kitty Pandemic from Pretty & Putrid, The Fashionista's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse



Night of the ZomBEEs
audiobook is now available, produced by Parsec Award Winning Podcaster Rish Outfield. SAMPLE LISTEN: Head on over to YouTube and watch/listen to the first THREE chapters

YouTube Video
Night of the ZomBEEs, chapters 1-3

School & Library Edition
The School and Library edition includes Dr. Max Romero's Creepy but Cool Bee Facts, a collection of the strangest truths about one of the most important insects on Earth, including information on real life Zombees!

Perfect for Middle School, High School, or the Public Library, the School & Library Edition of Night of the ZomBEEs is available at Amazon's Createspace Store at a discounted Price.

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